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Redlands Care Home, Lytham St Annes

Redlands is a care home providing personal care and accommodation for up to 23 people. The majority of the people living at the home have previously lived a transient lifestyle and are not necessarily from the local area.

Redlands is one of a very small number of care homes in the UK which specialises in the care of the elderly transient and as such, our residents have been referred from all over the country, making up a truly unique and diverse family home. Our residents tend to have their own set of issues, such as alcohol and drug addiction, the care and treatment of which our staff are specifically trained for. We never judge or condemn, rather we see our residents for the people they are, not for the choices they may have made.


The home is located in a residential area and arranged over three floors. There are a variety of communal rooms and a passenger lift is provided for ease of access throughout the building. Redlands is conveniently situated close to the town centre and local amenities. Transport links are good, enabling family and friends from all over the country to visit their loved ones with ease, which we feel is hugely important.

Unified Care promote an holistic view of care and believe that emotional, spiritual, physical and psychological wellbeing are all connected and must all be respected and nurtured equally. We appreciate how hard it can be to move from a person’s family home into a more formal care setting, so endeavour to maintain as much about our service users’ former lives as possible, be it keeping up with hobbies, social activities, visits to religious settings and of course maintaining relationships with loved ones and friends. If something is important to our service user, it is important to us.

As with all Unified homes we pride ourselves on our high standard of care and the training our staff receive is second to none. Our ultimate aim is to not only maintain a person’s standard of life, but to improve it in any way we can. Transition and growth are two of our key goals. We believe in challenging our service users to be the best person they can be and to achieve all they can, but in a safe and structured way.

Redlands Care Home

44-46 Park Road,
Lytham St Annes,

Telephone: 0208 888 4348

Email: shamir@unifiedcare.co.uk