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At Unified Care, we take an active role in promoting healthy eating habits among our service users by providing tailored nutritional advice.

Our Healthy Eating Champions introduce new recipes each week, providing fresh ideas for healthier meals. This approach keeps the people we support engaged and excited about trying new, nutritious foods, and helps them continually improve their dietary habits.

At Unified Care, we foster a supportive community where service users share healthy eating tips and experiences. Group activities like communal meals and healthy eating challenges promote positive habits and a sense of togetherness.Each client chooses their meals for the week using a talking mat and pictures, ensuring they have a say in their dietary choices while encouraging healthier selections.

All of Unified Care's houses have an
Eat-well Guide displayed in their kitchens, providing easy-to-follow guidelines for maintaining a balanced diet.

We always encourage our service users to participate in meal preparation, fostering a hands-on approach to healthy eating

Our Food Gallery

Russian Salad

Christmas Roast Dinner

Fruit & Jelly Custard

Special Jamaican Goat Curry

Fruits Snack Mix

Fruits & Fibre Breakfast

Chicken Biryani with Yoghurt

Steamed Fish & Noodles

Special Sunday Roast

Fruits & Almonds Snack

Easter Special

Birthday Party Mix

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