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Unified Care Limited ensures that all staff are provided with appropriate training to prepare them for their responsibilities. Feedback forms are used to identify knowledge gaps from our teams, and we regularly update information using resources from the National Autistic Society.
The Executive Team actively seeks and shares the latest approaches with our staff.

Our assessment and care planning approach ensures that staff are able to recognise and utilise the skills and services of other health and social care professionals where necessary.

All staff receive a structured induction and a foundation training programme within the first six months, in their probation. This training includes:

READ MORE • Autism Training
• Basic priciples of First Aid
• Food Handling
• Medications Management
• Mental Health Training
• Oliver McGowen Training on Learning Disabilities
• Principles of care
• Safe working practices
• Safeguarding

Speciaist training is also delivered and includes:

• Dementia
• Diabeties
• Dysphagia
• End of life
• Sepsis

Policies and procedures are also embedded in relation health and safety, information governance and medications management.

We hold targeted training, workshops, and specialised techniques like Positive Behaviour Support Planning and breakaway training. Personal development sessions during supervision are encouraged and staff meetings, where individuals present their progress

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